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Project details: ViParc


  1. How and when do farmers use antimicrobials (including in feed) and what is their knowledge about these medicines?
  2. How do chicken bacteria become resistant against antimicrobials? What are the most common types of resistance in chicken farms?
  3. Does local veterinary advice result in reduced AMU and disease in chicken flocks?


  • On-farm data collection tools (antimicrobial use diary, flock diary, antimicrobial product container)
  • Training modules on poultry diseases to farmers (3 modules, 6 trainings) (delivered by the University of Can Tho)
  • Farm Health Plan (delivered by project veterinarians in 4 visits along the cycle)
  • Productivity report delivered to farmers.
  • Auditing tool (Android, iPhone) to audit farms and scored their biosecurity/health standards
  • Video clip training on biosecurity on access to farms:
  • Leaflets on biosecurity, brooding , vaccination, cleaning and disinfection