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Antibiotics and Activity spaces

Project Summary

Drug resistance threatens to become the leading cause of death globally by 2050. Existing policies to tackle drug resistance overemphasise education and awareness campaigns, which might delay more effective action to address structural factors of medicine use, like poverty, stress, hardship, and health system deficiencies. In response, this project investigated and challenged the assumed link between knowledge and antibiotic use. The project involved a survey of 5,885 villagers and 50 cognitive interviews together with public engagement activities to understand local meaning and practices around antibiotic use in rural Thailand (Chiang Rai province) and Lao PDR (Salavan province).

Who we are

Principal Investigator: Marco J Haenssgen

Co-Investigators: Giacomo Zanello, Mayfong Mayxay, Felix Reed-Tsochas, Caroline OH Jones, Romyen Kosaikanont, Pollavat Praphattong, Pathompong Manohan, Yoel Lubell, Paul N Newton, Sommay Keomany, Heiman FL Wertheim, Thomas Althaus, Rachel C Greer, Supalert Nedsuwan, Daranee Intralawan, Tri Wangrangsimakul, Direk Limmathurotsakul, Proochista Ariana

Research Officers: Nutcha Charoenboon, Jeffrey Lienert

Research Interns: Penporn Warapikuptanun, Thipphaphone Xayavong, Yuzana Khine Zaw, Kanokporn Wibunjak, Patthanan Thavethanutthanawin

Research Students: Yuzana Khine Zaw, Qhayiya Magaqa

Thai Field Team: Penporn Warapikuptanun, Narinnira Sangkham, Patchapoom U-thong, Patipat Benjaroon, Kanokporn Wibunjak, Poowadon Chai-in, Sirirat Chailert, Patthanan Thavethanutthanawin, Krittanon Promsutt

Lao Field Team: Thipphaphone Xayavong, Amphayvone Thepkhamkong, Nicksan Sithongdeng, Nicksan Sithongdeng, Maipheth Keovilayvanh, Nid Khamsoukthavong, Phaengnitta Phanthasomchit, Chanthasone Phanthavong, Somsanith Boualaiseng, Souksakhone Vongsavang

Collaborating Units: Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health (Oxford), Mahidol-Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit (Bangkok), Lao-Oxford Mahosot Wellcome Trust Research Unit (Vientiane)

Funders: Antimicrobial Resistance Cross Council Initiative supported by the seven UK Research Councils in partnership with the Department of Health and Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs (grant ref. ES/P00511X/1, administered by the UK Economic and Social Research Council); internal student research placement funding provided by the MSc International Health and Tropical Medicine (University of Oxford).