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Outputs and Impacts: Community Health Clubs

Planned outputs

Conduct formative research in the rural areas where our projects are currently active to understand the issue of AMR within these contexts.

Contact the local AMR representative in Harare to see what is currently being advocated in policy and whether there are any government guidelines on AMR for Zimbabwe.

Raise the issue of AMR at local networking groups amongst the NGO community to ascertain if any work is being done in this field in Zimbabwe.

Work with local clinics in our existing project areas to ascertain if they are aware of AMR and what is being done to arrest its spread.

Network with the Ministry of Agriculture to ascertain what is being done in poultry breeding and chicken farms with relation to AMR.

Start a demonstration poultry project at our new Resource centre which will demonstrate good practice in chicken farming.

Develop a Tool kit of visual aids which will be available for all NGOs to buy and we will provide training for other NGOs.

Introduce AMR into all existing CHCs as part of the One Health Approach that we already embrace.

Planned impacts

We expect that the impact of our project will be largely to spread awareness of the danger of AMR and to help address some of the ways in which it is being spread in Zimbabwe. At this stage we do not envisage conducting any research ourselves, but we are open to hosting Maters and Doctoral Students wishing to conduct research on AMR in our project areas of Zimbabwe.