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Research Culture

The Research Culture Award

In 2021 CE4AMR’s research fellow, Dr Jessica Mitchell, was a winner of the University of Leeds World Changers Essay competition with her piece on the interlinkages between AMR and the climate crisis. Jess discussed the need for community engagement alongside strategic action to tackle both challenges and outlined the similarities and differences between the behavioral actions need to address each challenge.

You can read Dr Jess Mitchell’s essay here:

And listen to the accompanying podcast here: World Changers: What if the drugs don’t work? - Changing The World (

After winning competition Jess was awarded a £20 000 Research Culture award to explore the themes of her essay in more detail. Funds will support the continuation of some CE4AMR activities and establish two pilot projects developing formal research collaborations with Dr Mitchell’s wider network.

Jess says “This fund will allow me to begin establishing my own research network. I will focus on behavioral approaches to tackling global challenges, namely climate change and antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Both projects will center on understanding the ‘why’ questions around community engagement with global challenges and consider how engagement and interest can be harnessed into locally meaningful and sustainable action.”