Guides, manuals and tools

This resource section includes project manuals, toolkits and guidance documents regarding the design, implementation and evaluation of Community Engagement projects to tackle AMR.

Community Arts against Antimicrobial Resistance in Nepal is a creative practice research project that took place 2017-19 in Nepal. The aim of the project was to explore how participatory arts-based research can both better inform and be informed by the people whom it seeks to affect. This manual shares activities that combine participatory video, participatory research methods and arts-based approaches to create community-led solutions to antimicrobial resistance.
This inforgraphic summarises the threat of AMR and how aCommunity Dialogues Approach (CDA) sought to address this challenge via community-led solutions in specifc communities in Bangladesh.
This publication discusses the application of community engagement approaches to AMR and presents a toolkit detailing the values which support such engagement between multiple stakeholders. Values and their underlying principles are exemplified and evaluated through four case studies. The CE4AMR network co-created this publication during the inaugural meeting in Kathmandu 2019
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In order to address some of these pressing issues, Wellcome developed this Responsive Dialogues toolkit which outlines a framework for bringing multiple stakeholders together to tackle the problem of AMR right in communities that are most affected by AMR.
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This pamphlet summarises the Responsive Dialogue framework developed by Wellcome. It illustrates how Responsive Dialogues can be used to generate solutions that are grounded in local realities and embrace ideas and views from the public.
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This open access handbook was co-produced by six existing AMR research projects who have utilized different Community Engagement approaches to understand AMR. It is aimed at researchers and facilitators and provides detailed guidance on utilising CE approaches to address AMR challenges across the One Health Sphere.
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