Dr Jessica Mitchell

University of Leeds

Jess is a Post-doctoral Research Fellow managing the CE4AMR network.  Jess joined the University of Leeds in April 2019 with a research background in zoology, specialising in the reproductive behaviour of Meerkats and Banded Mongooses.  Through her PhD, investigating scent communication and parasitism in Banded Mongooses, Jess spent time in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda.  Here she developed a passion for teaching and community engagement, mainly around conservation and human-wildlife conflict.  After her PhD Jess lectured at University level and worked in high-school environmental education with the social enterprise Solutions for the Planet.  Jess has designed, delivered and evaluated a range of climate and environment-focused education projects and has become particularly interested in the use of participatory research to tackle global challenges.

Jess is currently a research fellow on the COSTAR project and is also PI of the AMR in Schools project within the CE4AMR network. She also manages the CE4AMR network.  Her personal research interests lie in the environmental consequences of antimicrobial misuse, and how community engagement projects can create positive behaviour change on this issue.  She is particularly interested in the role of wildlife within the One Health dynamics of AMR. Jess is also interested in the development of evaluation strategies to evidence the impact of behaviour-change interventions.