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CE4AMR: The One Health Approach

Our aims

We are a GCRF Challenge Cluster which brings together six existing AMR research projects based across the Global South who use, or are interested in using, Community Engagement methods to tackle AMR.

By consolidating learnings and expanding the reach of the Cluster to local stakeholders in each country setting the network aims to create 5 new LMIC-led research proposals which hinge on the use of CE methods to tackle AMR in a variety of settings.

The overall ambition of this project is to contribute to decreasing the demand for antimicrobials and ensuring good usage of necessary antimicrobials in LMICs. Whilst the Cluster alone cannot solve these issues, by bringing together the expertise of multiple research projects and stakeholder networks, we hope to move towards this ambition.

Our constituent projects include:



This network formed from the CE4AMR inaugural meeting in June 2019, find out more about our background and aims for the future in our Challenge cluster brief