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Call to Action


View the full Call-to-Action hereĀ 

Today (November 16th 2021) the CE4AMR network launches it's Call-to-Action on the use of Community Engagement approaches to tackle Antimicrobial Resistance.

Key messages

Community Engagement approaches facilitate the development of equitable partnerships and knowledge exchanges

This allows the generation of meaningful, sustainable and community-led solutions to AMR.

Community Engagement approaches are currently most commonly used to understand and facilitate action around:

  • Human-health aspects of AMR
  • Demand-side drivers of AMR.
  • Infection-prevention behaviors.

Community engagement approaches can help contextualize the reasons why certain AMR-drivers and behaviors are occurring.

There is great potential for Community Engagement approaches to uncover knowledge relating to:

  • How AMR develops and spreads within the environment.
  • Community-level AMR surveillance.
  • Optimal antimicrobial use in animal health.
  • Why antimicrobial 'misuse' occurs.

Our call-to-action was generated by a GCFR challenge cluster project known as CE4AMR:One Health Approach. Find out more about this project here